About Me

I have been a creative for as long as I can remember. I've always enjoyed painting, drawing and even writing. I really enjoy  anything that falls under the umbrella of creativity. Art has always been a tool that I've used to express myself in ways that words can't. 

Within my art, I touch on themes of fearless expression, the beauty of nature, self-love, and love for others while focusing on bright and vivid color technique. Conceptually, I have a very versatile theme with my artwork as I enjoy being flexible with my creations. I prefer to be open minded when choosing my subjects, going out of my comfort zone and challenging my own abilities and skill. With that said, my artwork concepts range from portraits to animals to landscapes, abstract, and more. Throughout these diverse subjects, they all encapsulate my bright and colorful focus of chromatic impressions.

These themes depict how I navigate the current world. However, themes and concepts I explore go beyond the physical piece of work. The fashion in which I deliver my work to the world plays an essential role in how it’s received by the community. I paint using intense and vibrant colors to create a positive feeling to myself and the live audience. With this skill set, I have developed different avenues of not only creating for myself but also sharing my passion with others through color. I have organized various projects that were held in spaces ranging from public group spaces to close intimate settings. To note, I have curated live painting events at public places like Crabtree Valley Mall where I collaborated with other artists to deliver their artwork. 

Additionally, I have hosted private events such as paint classes at University of North Carolina Hospital for their patients diagnosed with diabetes and cancer. I have also auctioned off paintings to different charities such as Make A Wish and Designed for Joy and do monthly paintings at residential areas and hotels. Having built these relationships with other creatives and clientele, I have learned just how powerful my artwork is in bringing people together. Being able to bring joy to others while also doing something that brings joy to me is the reason I fell in love with creating in the first place. Art is my ministry, allowing me to be transparent and share an extension of myself and my personality without words. My goal is to use my art and idea of color as a means to reconnect our community. I want to cultivate a passion for art in all ages and spaces through my practice and focus on chromatic impressions.

Check out my interview with WRAL here:  WRAL Healing through Art
Check out my interview with WRAL here:  WRAL Healing through Art