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Psalm 150:6 Original Painting


Acrylic painting on 36x36 canvas. Framed. Please allow 3-4 weeks for shipping, thank you!

God and I created this piece. As I worshiped and danced to one of my favorite songs, "Breathe" by Maverick City Music, I was deeply inspired by the scripture "Let everything that have breath, praise the lord" including the trees, the birds, and nature all around. I wanted to capture the beauty of nature itself dancing and blowing in the wind. I used shades of blue to resemble life: breath, oceans, skies. To create this precious masterpiece, I, myself, danced, sang, put the brushes aside and instead used the palms of my hands to spread the beautiful blue foreground. I used my fingertips to tap the various blue shades within the leaves of the tree while following the beat of the music. As I completed this piece and looked at my stained blue hands, I was in awe. This piece is very special to me. The most vibrant piece I’ve ever created. I hope to inspire others who view this painting to continue to praise even in our worst days.